We take the QUALITY of our products and services very seriously. This is not negotiable and there are no alternatives for us when it comes to the quality system. We follow well-written SOPs for our raw material procurements to the processing and final delivery of the products to the customer.

 US FDA routinely audits our quality system and we maintain the full set of documentations to establish back traceability, independent lab reports. All our Production process is monitored by ISO system and is GMP certified. We are also open to customer audits. We have the capabilities and infrastructure to customize the products to meet your specific formula requirements. 

Team of highly skilled, passionate professionals, who understand your needs and can innovate, design the product to meet your requirements, manages our quality system. 

Quality to us means  “Where customer feels Happy, safe and comes back as repeat business”.

We are kosher.

 Independent Testing program  

HerbaKraft has full access to a quality control laboratory at our production site, where we routinely perform assays and microbiological and heavy metal testing on all our ingredients. We’re do provide our customers independent lab results. 

Premium Quality  

HerbaKraft stocks only premium-quality nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, & fibers that exceed U.S. cGMP standards for quality.