Mi-Selein is a proprietary odorless selenium, which is one the essential trace elements readily available in healthy soil, water and food.  This natural element is known for its vital roles in helping to maintain normal body functions. In humans, Mi-Selein acts as a cofactor for antioxidant enzymes that protect the body from oxidative stress, thus maintaining normal cell growth and survival.

An insufficient intake of selenium is considered a risk factor in the development of metabolic syndrome and unhealthy inflammation response. Since metabolic syndrome is in itself a risk factor for the development of diabetes type II and cardiovascular disease, it is important to maintain high selenium levels to maintain overall health.

Typical L-selenomethionine gives off a strong odor, but Mi-Selein has been developed with a proprietary process to ensure that it is odor-free, enhancing consumer compliance. In addition, Mi-Selein is highly bioavailable and has no side effects, making it exceptionally tolerable