MAG: Mono ammonium glycyrrhizinate is a pure derivative extracted from the roots of Licorice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra or related species ) MAG has found its uses in various applications in the Food, Pharma, and Flavoring industry. MAG is a natural sweetener, great in taste masking and acts as a flavor enhancer. Mono ammonium glycyrrhizinate CAS No. 53956-04-0, is white to off-white powder, soluble in water and hydro-alcohol solutions, soluble in glycerin and propylene glycol. No aftertaste. 50 times sweeter than Sugar.

Why HerbaKraft MAG?

Herbakraft offers superior pure water extracted EP-grade MAG only from the roots of licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) with purity of 98-100%. Herbakraft monoammonium glycyrrhizinate is soluble in low acidic conditions, which makes it heat stable and suitable for beverages, bakery and other food and supplement applications. Herbakraft MAG is 50 times sweeter than conventional sweeteners. We can customise and offer MAG in various grades and delivery forms. 


Food, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetics, oral health products, animal and pet products. HerbaKraft MAG offers low calories and stability, For improving the taste, flavor, and sweetness of your formulations naturally without added calories or carbohydrates.Enhanced sweetness, added intensity, good mouthful feel.MAG adds the characteristic sweetness that can be described as intense and lingering. These products work synergistically with other natural and artificial sweeteners to provide a better overall sweetness, and in proper combination can be used to create systems that simulate sucrose. Sweetness, flavor, and mouthfeel can all be significantly improved when added at optimum levels.MAG does not add calories to your formulations.MAG provides smooth texture and good mouthfeel for your low fat beverages.   

Cough Syrups and much more.–Syrups: Removed bitterness in cough/Cold preparations, Reduce the harshness of alcohol based oral antiseptics Reduce bitterness in oral antibiotics, Improve flavor and palatability of pediatric syrup.–Chewable: Improve the flavor of antacid tablets. Reduce bitterness in chewable APAP.Improve sweetness and flavor in chewable aspirin Improve Flavor of laxative and antiflatulent tablets.–Powders Improve flavor and mouthfeel in bulk laxatives Improve flavor in antacid preparations.Lozenges: Mask medicinal characters of cough drops.Vitamins: Mask vitamin aftertaste in multivitamins.Reduce iron taste in chewable.

Regulatory Status: The US Food and Drug Administration includes licorice and licorice derivatives on its list of substances considered Generally Recognized as Safe ( GRAS).U.S.Natural Standard " Positive List" of ingredients as recommended by Natural Products Steering Committee, and approved by association board.